For residential carpet cleaning, we recommend Hot Water Injection Extraction, commonly called Steam Cleaning. It employs the best method of flushing out dirt and detergent residues. It is also the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

For commercial installations, Hot Water Extraction is also recommended. However, because of access constraints and quick drying requirements, we also use Encapsulation Very Low Moisture system, commonly called Dry Cleaning. We can discuss your needs to determine which method suits you and your carpet best.

For residential carpet we recommend professional cleaning every 12 months. This can vary depending on the usage and environment the carpet is in, but 12 months is a good time frame to target.

For commercial installations the frequency can vary considerably. Anything from weekly to six monthly is common. Call us on 0418 311 261 for an appraisal on how best to maintain your carpet.

We certainly try! In most cases when we leave all the marks are gone. We do, however, occasionally come across a stain which is permanent. We can discuss other possibilities if this is the case. A good idea is to attend to spills as they occur, as most spillages can be easily removed if attended to quickly.

Heat helps, but airflow is the biggest factor in drying of the carpet. Open the house, or  commercial installation, and allow as much fresh air to circulate through the building as possible.  We strive to remove as much moisture as possible during the cleaning process. Good moving airflow will do the rest in a matter of hours, in most cases.

Call us on 0418 311 261 and we can discuss your needs, and determine a cost from there.

For residential carpets, once weekly is often recommended, and seems to be the best practice to get into. Some carpets need more often, and then twice weekly may work better. Commercial installations are often vacuumed daily.

We have found good quality upright vacuum cleaners to achieve the best result, used thoroughly and frequently. Check with the manufacturer of your carpet to get their opinion on what is the best vacuum cleaner for your style of carpet.